Punching Bag Workout at Home Boxing Kit - Easy Setup - Free Shipping

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Does #Corona & #StayAtHome make you want to punch a hole in the wall? Does it stress you? does it make you anxious? Are you missing your Gym? Are you getting enough cardio? Are you missing the lifting weights? Our kit has everything you need and will an easily transform your living space into a small makeshift gym to sweat it out, reduce stress/anxiety and stay healthy.

The Punching Bag is made of synthetic leather which is more humane but very tough and resilient. Feels soft like leather but lasts longer than leather. It has extra reinforced seems and triple layered design. It comes with a chain swill. Its made to take a tough beating and last many years. It has been used as Boxing Bag by many professions in their gyms for many years. 

The Boxing Glows is one of our best. Made of high quality leather and paired with comfort padding. Its highly designed to provide great fit/feel and well padded to reduce impact to enable harder workout and longer. It comes complete with slip-on construction for easy on and off. Its very comfortable to use with open thumb making it beatable providing well ventilated feel. 

How to fill the bag is as easy.
1- Use waste fabric of any kind in small pieces
2 - Compress the fillings so the the bag could get in good shape
3 - You can use little quantity of sand to make the bag more heavy 

Professionals and fighters have always trained and stayed fit by working out with a boxing kit. Now you can too at your own home. With this kit you will be quickly addicted to punching the bag. Its not only a good high intensity workout but also fun workout. Take small breaks in between viewing TV or a online meeting and punch a little. Turn your frustration into sweat and results. This kit will serve you way longer than #Covid19 & #StayAtHome but when it will end, you will walk out and surprise your family and friends with a more healthy and good looking you. 
Note : The bag comes unfilled but we can fill it for you too for a shipping fee.