Metallic Boxing Gloves

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We've created Metallic boxing gloves for maximum performance and protection. This series delivers a lighter, more powerful, impact-resistant core for all the protection and execution elite athletes demand in their sparring and training. This glove features 4” extra wide wraparound wrist strap with hook-and-loop attachment that helps keep gloves firm and secure during training.Athlete tested and coach approved.


  •  Engineered leather construction makes these gloves stubbornly durable and long-lasting
  •  Double Strap velcro wrist closure provides excellent wrist support
  •  Ergonomic cut outs on palm for air ventilation & breathability 
  •   High density foam layering for maximum shock absorption
  •   Comes as pair.
  •   Lightweight and designed specifically for high level athletics
  • Palm and wrist inserts for blocking punches and defensive support.
  • Ultra-soft, breathable inner-lining to keep you cool, dry and comfortable at all times.